Whether shooting a portrait of the Prime Minister or a small business owner, it’s all about capturing the individual’s essence in an image.

It’s one thing to take a picture and capture a simple image of a subject. It’s another thing to create a portrait that really conveys a story of the individual.

When it comes to photo essays, we love working behind the scenes and diving deep into a particular topic to help tell the story.

Editorial clients: Australian Financial Review, Getty Images, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age,

BOSS Magazine, Business News, Forbes Asia, World Drinks Magazine, News Corp

  • 18/10/2018_AFRGA1_A001
  • 4/10/2018_AFRGD1_A001
  • P798-photospread-08052017
  • 24/10/2018_AFRGA1_A001
  • P767-photospread-1522016
  • P785-photospread-24102016
  • P782-photospread-12092016
  • P768-photospread-2922016
  • P781-photospread-29082016
  • P772-photospread-2504016
  • P773-photospread-090516v1
  • P792-photospread-13022017
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