COVID-19 photo diary

Moments of human conditions.

The life during the COVID-19 crisis in Brisbane and Queensland (Australia).

10 April 2020

Tourists urged to stay away from Stradbroke Island these Easter Holiday as Police checked all passenger's address at Cleveland Ferry.

On the first day of the long weekend less than 50 people travelled to the Island, they were all residents. This time of the year that number is around 2500 people/day.

There are 6194  confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, 966 in Queensland. 

The death toll now stands at 54.

More than 340.000 test have been conducted accross the country.


7 April 2020

It seems social distancing and "stay at home" are working, because Australia is flattening the curve, the Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said today.

All cruise ships anchored in Queensland waters have to leave by the end of tomorrow.

Gold Coast beach car parks have been closed in a bid to stop people going.

There are now 5910 confirmed cases in Australia, 934 in Queensland.

The national death toll stands at 48.

3 April 2020

My focus today is on two everyday heroes.

On of them is Dr Kari Jarvinen who runs Metro South Health contact-tracing team for coronavirus.

That’s a very important job, today Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said "At the moment we don’t have community transmission in Queensland.”

Queensland Health has a unit of 500 people who are doing contact-tracing through phone.

The other hero is Brian Craddock and his friend Daniel.

They have put together a puppet show explaining to kids how they can help and what the importance of distancing and other things in this coronavirus crisis.

I also checked how Brisbane busiest retail street, Queens St Mall shops look like.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Australia now stands at 5307. Queensland has 873 confirmed cases. 28 death Australia wide.

More than 280,000 tests have been conducted across Australia.

Puppeteer Kindness

31 March 2020

The new form taking shapes.

Public transport is full with empty carriages.

Households can go out for excercising. Or maximum 2 people with social distancing.

Australia has 4,557 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 19 have died from the desease.

Queensland has 743 cases.

More than 244,000 tests have been conducted across Australia.

30 March 2020

Public gatherings, excluding household members have been reduced to a maximum of two people.

Which means for example a personal trainer can work with only a client.

Outside playgrounds have been closed.

Australia's death toll stands at 18, with 4166 Australians testing positive for COVID-19 including 689 in Queensland.

29 March 2020

#stayhome hashtag is dominating Social Media and people are mostly doing that meanwhile they trying to be positive.

Dancing in the garage and drawing with chalks are proving this. 

Of the 3966 confirmed cases in Australia, 16 died from COVID-19.

Queensland has 656 cases. More than 211,000 tests have been conducted across the country.

26 March 2020

Barbers and hairdressers are still operating, meanwhile similar type of businesses - beauty salons, Tattoo places - have been shut down.

They say it's impossible to keep social distancing and 30 mins sessions regulated by the new rules. Few of them have been closed to keep their staff and public safe.

Restaurants, coffee shops can operate with Take Away only but their income reduced significantly causing many people lost their jobs in hospitality sector.

2700 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed Australia wide with 493 in Queensland. 11 people have died.

25 March 2020

Personal trainer Jack with his two clients.

Regarding Stage 2 lockdown, gyms - and lots of other types of venues - have closed yesterday.

They can do outside sessions with maximum 10 people with the 4sqm distancing rules.

Australia has 2423 cases of COVID-19, Queensland has 443.

24 March 2020


Brisbane's one of the best places - and almost everytime crowded location - South Bank precinct has been closed.

There are now 2044 confirmed case of COVID-19 in Australia with 8 deaths. There are 397 cases in Queensland.

22 March 2020

Finding happiness in books, as all 33 Brisbane City Libraries closing tomorrow, people can borrow up to 100 books. And they do, lining up practicing social distance.

Churches have been closed doors but people can watch live web cast of Mass. A Church goer decided to stream live at the church wall at St Stephen’s Cathedral.

Few beach lovers still enjoying Street Beach at South Bank meanwhile the Premier of Queensland considering closing all beaches.

It seems possible closure of non-essencial services like restaurants, bars and coffee shops doesn’t make too much difference in those venues’ life. Not a single customer is in lots of places.

Australia has now 1316 confirmed case of COVID-19, 259 in Queensland.

Library Closures

18 March 2020

Business as usual. The practice of social distancing showing some weaknesses here but alternative handshake is getting popular.

Australia now has 637 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 94 in Queensland.

Small business impacted by coronavirus

17 March 2020

The life is still going, no restriction regarding travel, school and home lockdown.

But significantly less people are on the street, in restaurants and in school. It seems a great amount of people is working from home and lots of them doing sports.

375 Coronavirus cases confirmed in Australia and 78 in Queensland.

15 March 2020

All visitors to Australia will have to self-isolate for 14 days from midnight Sunday.

People are stockpiling, especially - the most popular stuff on the Planet - toilet papers.

Large gathering still happening in Brisbane, as junior sports going forward.

Australia has 296, Queensland 61 confirmed cases.

Airport Arrivals

6 March 2020

Chief Health Officer of Queensland Dr Jeannette Young along with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski and Health Minister Dr Steven Miles address the media about how the State well prepared for Covid-19 coronavirus.

No reason to panic, all QLD Hospital can have a Fever Clinic where doctors can check all possible patients.

Australia has 63 confirmed cases, Queensland has 14.

29 Jan 2020

People wearing mask at arrival at Brisbane International Airport. That was my first assignments of many at the airport searching people with masks. 

Strangely, the more cases appears the less people wearing masks around.

Australia has 21 cases, Queensland has 1.

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