My favourite 9 photos of 2018!

2018 was a fantastic and busy year for me. After 5 years, I left Business News, an amazing workplace and colleagues where I worked as the staff photographer in Perth.

My personal life went to a different direction and I moved to Brisbane with my family. I have since became a freelancer and I’m lucky enough to be able to work with many many amazing and talented people in both advertising and editorial side.

The list of the people I want to say thank you is long so let me just pick a few now.

A big momentum in my career that I won a grant from Getty Images and Canon Australia to continue to capture the great diversity of this beautiful country and people. So thanks to @gettyimagescreative Australia and NY team for your continuous support, that’s just amazing.

It’s also a great honour to work with the one of the best editorial teams in the World @financialreview and @afrmag My work had been followed by them for a long time since I was still in Perth. After the big move, they welcomed me in their team and since it just has been an amazing cooperation with the editorial team.

And the cherry on top, big thank you to @modestfashionaus team for your amazing help for “This is Australia” collection for Getty and many thanks all clients/friends/creative researcher/photo editor/graphic designer/make up artist/all people who helped me grow this year! The brilliant aspect of being a freelancer is the opportunity to work with multiple exceptional teams on the highest level. Their professionalism and creativity just inspires me! Thank you and I wish all of you a wonderful and exciting 2019!

So, here it is the photo selection “My favourite 9” in 2018.

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