Best design pages from Business News edition 27/02/2017

This article is about photography, design and photographer’s mindset.

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At Business News we have a brilliant series about CEO’s life, adventures and achievements. Basically, Business News CEO Charlie Gunningham sits down with them for a long chat at Julio’s restaurant.

As a photographer I need to deliver a great profile photo of them week by week at the same place. Of course there is a challenge.

It’s a great place with heaps of natural lights but I need to manage a photo shoot in a busy restaurant without distracting the customers for too long.

This week, I photographed Rod Jones from Navitas the way you see below. I deliberately photographed Rod with the white brick wall next to him for leaving enough space for the text. The photo itself is unbalanced but I thought about the whole page design before the photo shoot.

Untitled photo

As a second one, I chose my photo essay about champagne couture. The story itself is really interesting, scientist Gary Cass makes robe from champagne.

I always draw down my idea about design (you can see the draft under the photo essay). Furthermore, I let the the graphic designer Darren Noronha know that I want something bubbly champagne as the background. I think he nailed it pretty well.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The last page I chose sounds a simple one. A photo of the Spanish retail shop Zara on Hay st Mall (Perth CBD) needed for a story.

As a visual person you need to think about design. The story and the photo as a whole content package needs to be coherent.

I went there on Friday lunch time at the busiest period of the weekdays and I chose a totally strait angle opposite from the shop. The Zara logos are balanced and I was waiting for “the decisive moment” for an organised chaos with people in the foreground. I posted the black & white version on my Instagram page.

Untitled photo

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