You can find here behind the scene details about the 24HourProjet that I participated in on the 19th of March 2016. If you would like to know more about this project and would like to see my pictures click here.


I had a rough plan where I wanted to go which part of the city and when. For example it was obvious that I start at Northbridge where all clubs and bars are operating and lots of people on the streets. That is the favourite nightlife place of Perth. I planned to go to the beach sometime in the morning because that's really significant here in Perth. The beach lifestyle that you can live here all year round was another part what I wanted to capture. 

My favourite place Fremantle was on my wish list too and I spent the afternoon there. If I had to be somewhere all day probably Freo would have been the best solution. It's always happening something there and that is where you can easily find interesting street scenes.

3:12pm, Milkshake


Perth is big. I mean really really big. 150km from North to South and around 60km from the coast to inland. I decided to show few parts of the city so I needed something to travel with from A to B. Public transport is one of the worst here among big cities. There are few underground lines that are fantastic but if you aren't live close by the train station or you have to go to somewhere which is far from a train station that's a problem. Takes ages to get there.

I decided to travel with my scooter what I normally take when I'm going somewhere without my family. The best scooter I've ever owned. Piaggio X7 300cc. So, between suburbs I travelled with this beauty.

On the top of the scooter is oysters. Yes, this is the part of the lifestyle what I love and what you can live here in Perth with the Mediterranean climate. Stop somewhere near the coast - I prefer Cottesloe which is one of nicest beach I've ever seen in my life - buy a dozen of oyster and a lemon or lime and enjoy the view the smell of the ocean and the sunshine. (that picture wasn't taken on the day) You need only 15mins and you changed. 

Untitled photo


Perth is one of the sunniest city in the World. According the Wikipedia: "Perth is a particularly sunny city for this type of climate; it has an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine per day, which equates to around 3200 hours of annual sunshine, and 138.7 clear days annually, making it the sunniest capital city in Australia."

When we arrived in 2012 I count all days in one year when I can't see the sun at least 1 hour per day. Do you know how much was it from 365? Only 5 days!!! Unbelievable! I love it.

And how about Murphies law? Of course on that day where the 24HourProject was held was a cloudy, rainy day with few rainstorms. About four months before 19th of March 2016 we saw rarely a raindrop. What happened after a day on Sunday? Sunny for sure.

Anyway, this is what you have to work with. That was not as bad as I predicted, and most of the day was a constant light a bit dark but in the afternoon the sun came out.

11:41am, Clouds

fatigue and stress

Fatigue was a biggest challenge for me. I stayed awake on Friday night and I was heading to Northbridge. After few hours I felt wow that's going to be hard but no worries another thousand photographers did it so it's doable.

After few coffees and some meals I was ok in the morning and most of the day. The biggest blackout came after Freo in the late afternoon when I travelled to Cottesloe. There was the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition and I wanted to do something there. I left Freo and I was scooting along the coast to Cott. Suddenly, I had a hundreds of a second blackout on the scooter.

That moment gave me a huge adrenaline rush. I was shocked a bit to be honest it could have been much worse.

The end of the day was challenging again. I didn't understand why I'm doing this and I felt that was a never ending day.

The stress that you have to post every hour a photo is another factor that you have to deal with. You don't want to post something that you are not happy with. And of course street scenes or interesting people for portraits are not crossing your way always.

On the top of that I worked all Friday and I knew that on Sunday the life is moving forward. My gorgeous two little daughters need their father and my beautiful wife wants me to be involved in the family life.

5:33pm, Hug


The biggest question of the project was which camera(s) do I use. My ideas switched between

a, only iPhone

b, only Fuji X100s set up for 1:1 aspect ratio (because of Instagram, and that is the best for portraits in my view) I thought I'm doing only portraits because that's how I can show the human conditions which was the main focus at the project.

c, IPhone, Fuji X100s, Canon 5DMKIII with f2.8 16-35mm lens

As a professional photographer I never going to a photo shoot without a backup camera. Anything can happen and it did I remember but that is another story.

So, I started with iPhone on the night but I quickly switched to Fuji. In the low light situation my iPhone was not fast enough for me. I felt the Fuji was perfect if I wanted to do a portrait. But I missed few great moments and that was the point when I pulled out the Canon from my camera bag.

Finally, I wore the Fuji around my neck and Canon with my sport strap on my side. iPhone stayed in my pocket mostly. I used an Apple Lightning to SD card reader device to transfer photos to iPhone.  I posted 12 photos taken by Canon, 10 photos taken by Fuji and 2 by iPhone.

Could be done the whole project with iPhone? Yes, but that would be different photos. Mostly I post photos to Instagram taken by my iPhone but for this project I wanted different images than that.

Untitled photo


It was  great fun and a real challenge. I felt totally exhausted at the end of the day. I needed few days when I felt I did some photos what I proud of regarding the circumstances.

All in all that was absolute worth it and I'm glad that I completed the whole day. Will I do it next year? We'll see...

my all 24 photos

If you would like to know more about this project and would like to see my pictures click here.

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