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Behind the scenes about advertising and editorial photography in Australia and beyond.

Forbes Asia - Editorial - 25/03/2018

I was stoked when I got an email from Forbes Asia to contribute with one of my photo to their magazine.

Check my portrait of Chris Ellison from Mineral Resorces here.

Cover shoot BTS - editorial 12/03/2018

Behind the scenes of the cover shoot with Raleigh Finlayson. The reason I don’t use umbrella too often outside in Perth is the constant wind. In this case it landed in Sean River because I changed the angle of the whole lightstand. But thanks to a Transperth employee who grabbed it and thanks for Profoto’s outstanding durability it’s all in perfect condition.

Julia hales - editorial 14/02/2018

It was lovely to meet Julia Hales, an actress with Down Syndrome. Great collaboration between Black Swan Theatre and Perth Festival to run a show starring Julia. Also it wouldn’t be possible without DADAA an organisation that provides pathways for artists with disability.

ACE Scooter Advertising - 03/02/2018

ACE Scooters 02022018-1150526-small

I caught up with ACE Scooter to do a set of fresh photos of bikes and staff portraiture for their advertisement campaigns.

Front cover - 29/01/2018

When an unexpected location turns to be a great front cover place. And even an another photo used inside from this location.

Unexpected means I already took few different shots of Stuart Gardiner from Frasers Property at their flagship project at Port Coogee, Western Australia.

Suddenly, I saw this little picnic and viewing place - which is part of their project - with a round window. The rest is just history...

Group shot bts - 15/01/2018

It's always challenging to photograph more than 3 people. Somehow you need to make it interesting to not look like they just lined up.

Options are limited if it isn't a studio shoot and you don't have props to use.

At this shoot I asked these four gentlemen to walk towards me and created a "Reservoir Dogs" style photo.

Swipe right to see how it appeared in the Business News magazine.

David Spencer artist - 04/01/2018

Great start of 2018 with David at his studio. 

Equipment used: 2x Profoto B1X and Canon 5D MKIII with 24-70mm.

My best nine of 2017 - 02/01/2018

What a year it has been! Photo shoot with the Prime Minister of Australia, very early morning sessions with fishermen, inspirational meetings with creative artists, architectures, businessmen and CEOs. Great to be a photographer!

Ben Wyatt Treasurer of WA, person of the year - 11/12/2017

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII + Leica Q

Lens: 24-70mm + 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights - Profoto B1X with various light modifier

Place: Parliament of WA, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Business News

Note: It's always exciting to work with high profile people. You got generally 5-10 mins so you need to be at your top. You must know what you would like regarding posing, camera settings and lighting.

Swipe right to see more photos.

Alister Yiap - editorial - 05/12/2017

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII

Lens: 24-70 mm

Lighting: Natural lights + Profoto B2

Place: Chinatown, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Business News

Note: Design Artist Alister Yiap with his creatures Fireflies. He has been awarded the WA Young Achiever Awards in the Arts and Fashion category in 2017.

Bound for Bondi 22/11/2017

My latest documentary work of a sculptor's journey from concept to creation.

#sculpturebythesea #bondi #sydney #perth #nullarbor #journey #australia

Barry Baltinas - editorial - 15/11/2017

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII

Lens: 24-70 mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: Mount St, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Business News

Note: Natural lights coming from a roof top glass floor pool which creates this dramatic lights. This perfectly matches with the story where Barry said: 

“As the walls fold in and out there’s this play of light, shade and reflections throughout the spaces, it makes it more interesting”

Terence Borgioli portraiture for fashion 01/10/2017

Camera: Leica Q Lens: 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: King Street, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Instagram @attilacsdotcom

Note: Cinematic style for Instagram, normal contrast and colour grading for Business News

EY Champions of Entrepreneurship lunch 23/08/2017

Camera: Leica Q Lens: 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: The Trustee, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Business News

Note: I choose black & white documentary style for covering this event and I use Leica Q because thanks to a small camera they never noticed that a photographer is there. 

Malcolm Turnbull - Prime Minister of Australia 01/08/2017

Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 28mm (cropped 50mm on camera)

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: Aloft Hotel, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Instagram @attilacsdotcom

Note: There were a bunch of photographers and videographers from other media but no one got this type of close-up shot. It looks like a studio photo.

Great article about my Leica Q talk 25/07/2017

Jimmy McKeown - Whipper Snapper Distillery 09/06/2017

Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: Whipper Snapper Distillery, West Perth

Publication: Instagram 

Siobhan Lancaster - Instatruck 02/06/2017

Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: Leederville

Publication: Business News

Mia Davies - The Nationals 09/05/2017

Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 28mm

Lighting: Natural lights

Place: Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia

Publication: Instagram @attilacsdotcom

Note: Mia is the first ever woman leader of The Nationals in Australia

Mark McGowan Premier of WA 27/03/2017


Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 50mm (set on camera before the shoot)

Lighting: Natural lights

Publication: Business News

Note: I had only 3 minutes with the premier after Labor Party won the election in Western Australia on the 11th of March 2017. That shot what I really wanted for the front cover. Close up image with very shallow depth of field.

Best design pages from Business News edition 27/02/2017

Edgar Basto BHP Billiton 31/01/2017

Camera: Leica Q

Lens: 28mm (fixed)

Lighting: Natural lights

Publication: Business News

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Inside Queen Mary 2 - Award Winning video

AABP (The Alliance of Area Business Publishers) Awards 2016 - Best use of Multimedia

According to judges: "Nice use of time-lapse and variable-speed video shows a place that most people will never go in the cruise piece. It can also be watched without sound, which is nice for a mobile audience that increasingly doesn’t want to pull out its headphones."

There were 644 entries from 46 publications across US, Canada and Australia.

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