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A t t i l a    C s a s z a r

I’m an Australian-Hungarian photographer & videographer based in Brisbane.

I make edgy, moody and cinematic images of people. I’m a loving husband and dad of two little girls. We only speak Hungarian at home. We use the kids as walking dictionaries.

I had 3,000 photo shoots in five years when I was a staff photographer in Perth. Crazy enough to go the extra mile to create what I think is a great shot. 

I got fined once for drunk driving my bicycle on my bachelor party. I watched hundreds of movies in Art Cinemas in Budapest.

I was a professional football player and tennis coach. I’m still playing football and tennis nowadays.

I get inspiration for my work from meeting other people and sharing ideas. It’s even better if it has a nice wine involved. I also read books. Not after the wine though.

I honour my friends and 14 thousand km haven’t separated me from my oldest mates. My first car was a Trabant when I was 18 and I still don’t care about cars. I’m a huge fun of Vespas though.


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