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AC Visuals is founded by Attila and Eniko Csaszar, a husband and wife team based in Perth. They moved to Australia in 2012 and have two lovely daughters.

Attila is a passionate and versatile photographer, videographer and story teller with 15+ years’ experience producing photographs and videos for commercial and editorial use.

He has a strong relationship building skills and the ability to interact with models, team, vendors and clients in a positive manner. 

Attila has over 10 years experience at the forefront of interactive media. He has a profound knowledge of digital photography, lens selection, studio and outdoor lighting and various camera formats.

In the last 5 years, Attila worked as the exclusive photographer and art director of Business News in Perth and covered all the publication's photography and multimedia needs.

Attila's primary interest has always been advertising, portraiture photography and the latest 360 premium virtual tour.

In 1998, Eniko started as a high school teacher but quickly realised that this profession was not meant to be for her.

While working for multinational companies such as Citroen, Capgemini and Telekom as a content and business development manager, she completed her Masters degree in Economics.

Eniko became a professional makeup artist in 2010, in Budapest, Hungary. Being passionate with beauty, she soon joined Attila in his photoshooting jobs as well as worked for TV and fashion shows.

In Australia, she worked in customer service for a few years before joining her husband with his photography business as Business Development Manager.

Both Attila and Eniko have been highly recommended by many of their clients thanks to their easy going and respectful attitude along with their commitment to the principle of ‘the customer always comes first’.

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Diane Smith-Gander - Non-executive Director

"I've worked with Attila on a number of photo shoots and very much enjoyed the experience. He engages well to understand just why you are having your photo taken, what you'd like to communicate with the image and helps you get the right outcome. He has been very generous in allowing me to use his images - see my LinkedIn profile pic which is an Attila special. And if you are interested in something edgy he's very much your man too!"

Dan Wilkie - Editor in Chief Australia China Business Review (Former Chief of Staff, Business News)

Thanks for helping make some of my favourite stories really pop on the page. You’ve got an amazing eye for a good photo, and a really good understanding of how a photo can work with an article.

David Flanagan - Executive Chairman

"Attila photographed me for BN CEO Lunch. He made really easy and BN were also very happy with the photos."

Paul Clumsee - Author, Business Strategist, Sensemaker

"I did a photoshoot with Attila early in 2017 and the whole experience was fun and the results were great. Attila was easygoing, great to talk to and of course a terrific photographer with a keen eye for aesthetic in the context of the engagement. Would happily work with him again..."

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