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A t t i l a

I’m an Australian advertising and editorial photographer based in Brisbane. I make edgy, moody and cinematic images of people. I’m a loving husband and dad of two little girls. We only speak Hungarian at home. We use the kids as walking dictionaries. I had 3,000 photo shoots in five years when I was a staff photographer in Perth. Crazy enough to go the extra mile to create what I think is a great shot. I got fined once for drunk driving my bicycle on my bachelor party. I watched hundreds of movies in Art Cinemas in Budapest. I was a professional football player and tennis coach. I’m only playing tennis now. I get inspiration for my work from meeting other people and sharing ideas. It’s even better if it has a nice wine involved. I also read books. Not after the wine though. I honour my friends and 14 thousand km haven’t separated me from my oldest mates. My first car was a Trabant when I was 18 and I still don’t care about cars except that I want a Mini once my kids move out. I’m a huge fun of Vespas though.

E n i k o

I was born in Hungary but feel like a true blue. I have lived in four countries and speak three languages (used to be six but I have forgotten three). I’m easy going with our clients and I don’t bother them with meaningless emails. I am committed to the principle of ‘the customer always comes first’. I cut my husband’s, the kids’ and my own hair. I’m an economist by trade but my passion is makeup artistry. I lost all my makeup equipment on the plane to Australia. I’m the youngest of three. Now I’m a mother of two. One of them is an artist like my husband. The other is a rebel. Who does she remind me of? I consider myself as a good driver. I have never fixed my makeup while driving, especially with my family in the car. I have learned to play piano and violoncello. I like that my husband makes me look good in the pictures even in the morning before he makes me a coffee.



Diane Smith-Gander - Non-executive Director

"I've worked with Attila on a number of photo shoots and very much enjoyed the experience. He engages well to understand just why you are having your photo taken, what you'd like to communicate with the image and helps you get the right outcome. He has been very generous in allowing me to use his images - see my LinkedIn profile pic which is an Attila special. And if you are interested in something edgy he's very much your man too!"

Dan Wilkie - Chief of Staff, Business News

Thanks for helping make some of my favourite stories really pop on the page. You’ve got an amazing eye for a good photo, and a really good understanding of how a photo can work with an article.

David Flanagan - Executive Chairman

"Attila photographed me for BN CEO Lunch. He made really easy and BN were also very happy with the photos."

Paul Clumsee - Author, Business Strategist, Sensemaker

"I did a photoshoot with Attila early in 2017 and the whole experience was fun and the results were great. Attila was easygoing, great to talk to and of course a terrific photographer with a keen eye for aesthetic in the context of the engagement. Would happily work with him again..."

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